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“A city situated on a hill cannot be hidden…”

The BCM has been hard at work this semester! One of the big projects was to pass out 100 “BCM@VCU Hoodies” to unsuspecting VCU students. This project, “100 Hoodies on the Hill," was placed on the heart of the incoming Baptist Collegiate Minister, David Wade, as one of his initial community engagement opportunities. “God placed on my heart that we are to be the Salt and Light of VCU,” says Wade.

This event called for many hands on deck! The BCM contacted local churches to aid in the outreach by providing written words of encouragement, prayers, and gift cards to surrounding restaurants. The students of the BCM worked hard to stuff bags full of goodies,

including an all black hooded sweatshirt with “SALT + LIGHT” boldly printed on the front, and set up a station right outside of the building on Cathedral Place.

Over several days, students that passed by were greeted with a smile, kind words, and a care package! Recipients were overwhelmed with the kindness of the BCM Ministry and wanted to know more about this building they walked by daily. Students were invited to Bible Study and any other event that the BCM was holding

from this point on. This was a great re-introduction to the VCU Campus, as many things have been a bit different for students the past couple of years. Our

prayer was that this particular act of kindness could show the love of God during a time where things may have looked, and are still looking rocky. This is the first of many outreach projects we plan to do as an organization. We are looking forward to nurturing relationships with surrounding churches, VCU students and most importantly with God, as we strive to live out Matthew 5:13-16, BEING THE SALT + LIGHT!

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